Otaku with Camera Phones

Otaku with camera phones
Dropping things to get a reputation
All they really want is just a bit of attention
An hon'rable mention
To verify that they exist

You know that new panty shot?
Someone had some incredible timing
All they really wanted was to impress their main clan
that hangs out on 4-chan
and verify that they exist

And hey, that radio show?
That's where Nanasawa got her fanboys
All they really want is just to show their affection
Despite misdirection
They're making her shaky.

Bubbles pop when touched
No-one knows how much one girl can handle

Congesting the storefront /en masse/
Just like they used to for Hayasaka
Feel free to insist that I'm destroying the rhyme scheme
Defacing the filk meme
And bringing some shame to SD.
It's been a really long time
They need something massive to convince them
They should leave their basements, get a tan and employment,
Derive some enjoyment
From something more than IRC

They've been down there for too long
Growing pasty and starting to smell bad
They could do much better if they shut down their web page
and started a new age, and bathed every now and again

Bubbles pop when touched
No-one knows how much one man can handle

And it makes you think about things
Wonder if they get more excitement
They get much more satisfaction, from all these distractions
Regardless of odor or Ramune soda
Maybe that life is for the best...

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