Class Struggle!

When I found Megatokyo a year or four ago,
It made me laugh and smile some, and gave my heart a glow;
But as time passed I found myself afflicted by this dread:
Hey! What exactly should I call this comic made by Fred?
.....Analyze, dissect and parse each comic by-and-by,
.....To satisfy this primal urge to type and classify!

It's obvious there's more to this than ever meets the eye,
The time I spend here writing I must somehow justify.
It's not just entertainment - there is something deeper there,
Let's delve into this work and leave each cryptic stratum bare!
.....Analyze, dissect and parse each comic frame-by-frame,
.....For pinning down the genre is the most exciting game!

Whenever Ping and Miho touch, then what else can it mean,
Except that there's a Yuri plot that's happening off-screen?
But Dom and Ed both went by ship when coming to this place,
And Piro's alter-ego is a girl - I rest my case.
.....Analyze, dissect and parse each comic day-by-day
.....And you will understand that Megatokyo is gay!

And what about Dark Miho who has myst'ries by the score,
I half-suspect this work is a Vampiric Theatre-Noir...
No - 'zillas, giant turtles, and that hamster are the key,
It's obvious the comic's Animistic Parody.
.....Analyze, dissect and parse each comic more-and-more,
.....We'll build ourselves a college course in Megatokic lore.

So, what could be the reason for this hot computer junk?
It's gotta mean this story should be classed as Cyberpunk!
But no! I have to tell you that I chafe at that restriction,
This comic's a most definite Postmodern Metafiction!
.....Analyze, dissect and parse each comic through-and-through,
.....For criticism is the
forte of we who cannot do!

Well, look at how inept the cops and teachers are - it's dire!
The comic's an example of Dystopian Satire.
But what about the humor between boy and girl I see?
The only thing to call it is Romantic Comedy.
.....Analyze, dissect and parse each comic five-by-five,
.....Attach some academic-speak and literary jive!

It's patently Absurdist! No, it's Retro-Minimism!
It's a prime example of the New Expatriotic Schism!
It's Hentai with a dash of the Lawrencian Erotic!
It's enough to make the artist sure his fans are all Neurotic!
.....Have fun, dissect and analyze each comic line-by-line,
.....And don't pay much attention to this silly little rhyme!

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