So, ok, this filk grows directly out of my desire to make some kind of post referencing I am a Rock in relation to the latest strip. Largo, in 857, reminded me a whole lot of this song, particularly with the obvious parallel in talking about the danger of allowing oneself to feel emotion.

Indeed, I find myself very interested in what may have happened in Largo's life to cause him to want to shut out his feelings so strongly. That isn't something that people just do for no reason.

But in any case, I think Largo wants to pick up the karaoke mic, so I won't deny him that any longer.

I am a Knight

Those rolling hills
made of bodies split asunder.
I shall avenge!
Seeking from the slaughter for that which I know;
looking for the evil who has made this so.
I am a knight,
I will bring honor.

I've slain foes,
made war against young evil,
that all may celebrate.
I quest now with my allies, seeking with the sword
to slay the blackened monster now seen born.
I am a knight,
I will bring honor.

There shall be peace,
for I've found who I was seeking.
I'll beat him now for everyone.
I take my sword upon him, disarm him to his hand;
with another blow I fall him where he stands.
I am a knight,
I will bring honor.

But my dear friend,
she has set his life back before me.
I lay weakened now by my sword.
My opponent comes, thinking all is done.
The sword of death now touches me, but I --
I am a knight,
I will bring honor.

For a knight holds no pain,
And his honor never dies.

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