It Takes a B33r to Pwn, It Takes a Beer to Cry {It Takes a Lot to Laugh...}

Well, I'm singing in a studio, Piro
Don't see the point
Well, I record those lines
With the cheese that they appoint
I know I'll fail to impress this joint
And if I don't make it, my friend I'll disappoint

Don't your voice sound good, Kimi
Singin' out those lines?
Don't you worry 'bout him, Kimi
Talkin' 'bout his games and wine
Why'd you think that I'm handin' cards to girls so fine?
Why does this happen to me time after time?

Now the beergarden is closing
The roomies are filled with hurt
Largo's told him his story
"But you know that I've seen worse
"Well, I see my pal's wasted, buddy, so again I'll play the nurse
"Don't say I never warned you when your mind gets cursed"

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