Comic x1 Revisited {Highway 61 Revisited}

The E3 man said to Largo, "Staff only."
Largo says, "Man, you gotta be kiddin' me!"
Piro say, "Hey." Largo say, "What?"
Piro say, "We can try to sneak in, but
"Don't do something stupid or we'll have to run."
Well, Fred says, "Where you want this reject done?"
Rod says, "Let's make this strip number one."

Well Gallagher he had a runny nose
And Rodney was too busy lookin' for booze
He asked poor Shirt Guy, "Can a Dom strip go?"
Shirt Guy said, "There's only one way I know."
Rod said, "Draw it quick Dom, it's time to run."
Ol' Dom just drew with his trackball,
And Shirt Guy was unleashed on strip thirty-one.

Well, the l33tm45t3r said to Dom and Ed,
"We're in Tokyo with credit cards red,
And Japan ain't a good place to be stranded.
Could you send cash for me and my cool thing?"
And Dom and Ed said, "Let me think for a minute, man."
And they said, "Well, if you put it that way it can be done.
Just don't spend it all down in strip number forty-one."

Now Largovision in the twelfth month
Told Pirovision that things weren't right
The strip's aura, he said, is much too white
Piro said bring the comic into the light. He says you're not right!
If anything, more drama is what should be done
But the Naze-Nani Erika thought them both dumb
And knocked them both out in comic fifty-one.

Now the rantin' forums, they were very bored.
They were tryin' to create a fanboy war.
They found a strip that made them nearly fall on the floor,
They said "We never thought about this kind of thing before,
"But drama is not something that should be done.
"This is bad as seein' the sun,
"We'll leave 'cause of strip number sixty-one."

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