MegaGamer's Row {Desolation Row}

Fred's selling posters of Piroko
He's colored his dead-days now
The Story Forum's filled with 'shippers
See them having rows
Here comes a wannabe Vagrant
Mike's got him in a trance -
One hand is tied to the optical mouse
The other is in his pants
And the fanboys - they're restless
They need somewhere to troll
As Yuki and I look out tonight
From MegaGamers Row

The Sony doll, she seems so easy
"So you really are one," she smiles
And tries to point with a sixth finger
Hayasaka style
And in comes the Sony man, he claims
"These lines ought to work, I believe."
Erika says,"You're not welcome, my friend -
You'd better leave."
And the only sound that's left
After all the bad men go
Is the Sony doll sweeping up
In MegaGamers Row

You know 3v1l's always hidden
But he's still leaving Boo outside
The ravers and the goths
Are getting ready for the Cave inside
Tonight they'll host Ping and Piro
And the teacher of L33tn355
Kimiko's moping around
Her champaigne was sweetness
And the young Sonoda, she's dressing
She's getting ready for the show
She's going to the Cave tonight
By MegaGamers Row

Now little Ping, she's 'neath the window
For her I feel so afraid -
On her two-month birthday
She already needs an update
To her, geeks are quite romantic
She has just one request
Gaming is her religion -
Her sin is her lifelessness
And though her eyes are swelled up like
A sad girl's in the snow
She spends her time toppling shelves
In MegaGamers Row

An agent, cosplaying Shinobi
With his memories in Black Ops
Passed this way an hour ago
With his friend, a Sony "cop"
His thoughts - so immaculately frightful
As he penned a Shirt Guy strip
Then he went off for his alter-ego
And reciting his lines in-strip
Now you would not think, to look at him
But he was stalked not long ago
By one of our moderators
Through MegaGamers Row

The Head Ninja compares his world
To the growing whitecup
But one of the union men
Is trying to fsck it up
Now his m4st3r, some foreign nut
He's in charge of the English class
And he also knows a d00d that helps
"|-|1|\/| 2 |<1c|< 50/\/\3 455."
They all play on arcade machines
You can hear them blow
If you lean your head out far enough
From MegaGamers Row

Across the street Largo's trained his classroom
For the horror to be released
The Zombie Queen and Ping
A perfect image of two beasts
She's chosen Super Moe-Ball
But he still feels very assured
But she'll kill him with self-confidence
After poisoning him with words
And their classmates shouting to the goth girls
"Get outa here if you don't know -
"Largo-sensei is just being punished for going
"To MegaGamers Row."

Now at midnight all the agents
With the Tokyo Police crew
Come out and round up everyone
That works different than they do
Then they bring them to the office
Where the zombie horde schedule
Is planned so far in advance.
And then the MK visa'd
Are brought down from the airports
By customs men who go
Check to see that nobody is escaping
To MegaGamers Row

Praise be to the Story forum
The fanficcers post at dawn
And the shippers are all shouting
"Which side are you on?"
As outsiders and some reg'lars
Toss pies in a flamebait thread
While one filker laughs at them
And dumb questions are retread
Flaming the mods of the forum
Where lovely fanart glows
And everybody thinks too much
About MegaGamers Row

Yes, I noticed the guest strip yesterday
(About the time the forum broke)
When you asked me how I liked it
Was that some kind of joke?
All these artists that you follow
Yes, I know them, they're quite lame
I photoshopped all their faces
And gave them all rude nicknames
Right now, my bandwidth's sapped
Don't send me no more comics, no
Unless, of course, they're telling
Of MegaGamers Row.

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