MegaQuartet V: Boo

I pity the poor, forgotten little conscience.
The fans give not a flip about the rodent.
They'll write of Kimiko's or Largo's moments,
And yet they question Boo's very existence!

From panel one, Sera set the tone,
"What the hell is this?" she asked her boss,
Apparently seeing yet another loss
Dealt by bureaucrats from little thrones.

Undaunted, Boo responds with rodent's cunning,
Escapes the dark, dreaded, 3v1l Cave,
Revives the client with lights of beloved arcades -
That, or instead to former jobs he goes running.

Sometimes I dream the furry friend will gain
The respect he always deserved from the forum elite,
Who'll give him time in filks and fics so l33t
Instead of seeing "insects" as the comic's bane!

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