MegaQuartet VI: Asmodeus

Oy! The Batwing dude has rolled into town!
On Microsoft cargo ships he sails,
(Maybe his wings can only flail?)
He seeks to drag this whiny Piro down.

Reputation far precedes his presence.
"Grab a bucket!" Seraphim cries,
"We know you're full of nothing but lies,
You'll have our Piro waste his dollars and cents.

"Your shades, your boots, and jacket belong in the Eighties,
No penance or prayer could ever atone
For nostrils scorched by your fog of cologne -
A brand you surely found in a Foley's in Hades.

"Your macho act impresses none but you,
You fail even as a Christmas ornament.
Even your cat is decadent.
Return to your home, and take your jokes so lewd!"

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