After being put through this I couldn't help but write the following. My sincerest apologies. Please enjoy this if you can.
(and naturally it's to the same tune)

Here's a Miho
There's a Miho
And a little chibi Miho
Weepy Miho
Creepy Miho
Miho Miho Ping

Pie with Miho
Die with Miho
Endgames cat controller Miho
Magic Miho
Tragic Miho
Miho Miho Ping

I once had a kitty
Nearly named him Ron
Miho trapped his tail in
The Necrowombicon
That was rather nasty
Catgirls don't belong
Please don't shoot the darkly cute
'til I've sung my song

Long hair Miho
Short hair Miho
Largo Piro Yuki Miho
Painting Miho
Fainting Miho
Miho Miho Ping

Phisher Miho
Pharmer Miho
Miho here with me
Hoe Miho
Thinking Miho
Drinking Miho
Miho Miho Ping

Changing hair from grey to pink
In the sky with Floyd
Whatever did teh evil one
Do to Tsu's android?
No one knows quite what she is
Ed can't do thing
And beware the Made Princess:
Bad CRC Ping

loop while sanity > 0

now all i need is a flash version with pictures...

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