The air was crisp from the first true cold front that had arrived overnight. The simple peaceful scrapes of the bristles against the concrete were slow and steady, the sound of a job that had begun to grow boring but had yet to loose its enjoyment. There was a pause and then, from a growing yet still faint roar, the wind rushed from between the buildings around Largo as he held his jacket tighter around him. The clear cloudless sky beamed down upon the city as it bustled and diligently moved with a single minded tenacity that often made Largo uneasy. He, after a moment of shivering, continued to sweep up the dead leaves from in front of the store he lived at, The Megagamers.

He frequently helped out now, earning his b33r m0n3y from the simple but menial tasks the owner was incapable of and the jobs Piro was too wussy to do. He scowled up at the closest tree that lined the street for it apparently had decided it would release a steady stream of leaves to thwart his attempts to clear the sidewalk. He paused and then gave a superior smirk while brandishing his broom like a sword at the offending tree.

"You will not pwnz me, tree!"

"It seems to be doing a good job of it." A haughty yet smooth voice called out from behind him, he didn't even need to turn around to recognize it, but he did anyway. Her tall and ample figure often set her apart from those around her almost as much as her reddish brown hair. He often wondered if her mother or father was a foreigner, but he would never speak of it. He had learned not to overstep his inquiries for her wrath was certainly that of Piro's genji ganja(2*) girl shows he was so fond of.

"A minor setback…" He replied in his usual tone of caution to Erika, though it only lost a little of its normal arrogance. She made an "mmm" which sounded like an agreement then shrugged and turned away as another blast of cold air hit them both. While Erika had the advantage of a heavier jacket, Largo was left to adjust his much lighter jacket again and try to ignore the cold that had long since seeped into his bones. Largo began to sweep again, believing the talk over while Erika eyed him again.

"How come you're only wearing that windbreaker?" She asked inquisitively, he looked back at her for a moment before continuing.

"I dunno if Piro ever told you." He started, "I come from T3x4s. Winters there are lame so I've never needed anything else."

"This is nothing really." She said looking to the sky as she took a sip of the coffee in her hand. "In a few weeks it'll be much colder." Largo grimaced at her words but said nothing. She soon gave up on more talking and entered the shop. Again Largo was alone with the murmur of the city accompanying the scrapes of the leaves and broom. For a few minutes it went on like this until out of the blue something heavy thumped down on him.
"Wha?" He cried out in alarm and grasped the heavy jacket that had been placed upon him, his eyes turned back at the stone faced person behind him.

"You looked cold." As his rational, and cold, part of him fought his more honorable and self reliant nature as a quick observation about the jacket crept into his head. His eyes narrowed.

"It's "pink"." It probably wouldn't have been so bad had it not been for the WAY he had said "it's pink". Erika's eyebrow twitched.

"It works doesn't it?" She said, exasperated by his attitude. He was quite for a few moments with the frown on his face deepening. She sighed and began to walk back inside. If he was going to act like that what was the point?

"Huh, you're right." Were the words that cut her short of walking away. She paused, her hand on the handle of the door. Unsure of what she heard, Erika turned...

Not finnished because of lack of ideas.

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