Megatokyo State of Mind

Some folks like to go and game
Take a vacation from their real world roles
Hop onto a home computer
Or on their consoles
But he's drivin' a muffin cart
Near the Megagamer's store
He's in a Tokyo state of mind

She hung with all the seiyuu stars
In their fancy cars and their limousines
Been high on her stage under the flashing light scenes,
But she didn't need him then,
Yet he's giving her his time,
She's in a Tokyo state of mind

It was so easy breathing hour by hour
Out of touch with reality and him
But now she needs a little break from here
From otaku, AM so grim

It comes down to what he saw there
And cameras aren't fine 'cuz they don't belong
Didn't deserve her yelling at him, it was wrong
He was worried about her
Yet she was so unkind
He's in a Tokyo state of mind

It was easy thinking he was crazy
Out of touch with who she was and is
But now she sees he's giv'n and she's takin'
Endgames weird storyline of his

He's seeing this reality
And she's w33pi3, he don't know what to do
"Don't play games not worth playing" and "I don't need you"
He's doesn't know what else to do
Option "c" was blind
Still in a Tokyo state of mind

She's alone on a train going toward her Takaido home
And they're in a Tokyo state of mind

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