Where Have all the Poets Gone?
A filk of Paula Cole's Where Have all the Cowboys Gone?

Do you know the writing, all the gothiest verses?
Why don't we take a moment to pray:
Remember all the fine words
Crafted by the fan hordes
ack a classic old serenade.
I will keep the archive, if you keep all the dolls

Where is our Phaedrus
Where is our bardic muse
Where is our soulful writing
Where have all the poets gone?

Why don't you stay this evening
Come back and find the writing
And you'll read a little something so sweet

Though it's been a long time
since you've composed in your prime
I know you still have something to say.
I will do the lurking, if you take back the stage


They are reading some new verse tonight,
But they don't, but they don't even 'member Miho
Say goodbyes
Say goodbyes
No goodbye?

You finally lost the cookie,
When we had another newbie,
And we spent 4 months on IRC.

You chat with those who are
Now discussing from afar,
Almost every single day of the week
I will watch the phorums, while you plan your affair.


Where is that honourable git
Where is his lightning wit
Where is our myst'ry stranger
Where have all the poets gone
Where have all the poets gone
Where have all the poets gone

Waka la, waka ley

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