The MegaTokyo Tinies

A is for Asmodeus, the conscience from Hell

B is for Belphegor, Asmodeus' evil kitty pal
Or is it for Boo, the hamster with wings?

D is for Dom & Ed, who like high-caliber things

E is for Erika, who thinks Largo's a punk

G is for Gameru, the Gamera clan drunk

H is for Hitoshi, being with Erika gave him the chills

J is for Junpei, the ninja with 1337 folding skillz

K is for Kimiko, with her cute voice actress ways
Or else it's for Kotone, a girl of nothing but greys

L is for L33t D00d, whom nobody understands
And also for Largo, the undead-killing man

M is for Miho, with her darkly cute looks

O is for Ootaka, Anna Miller's chief cook

P is for Piro, the quiet genius who draws MegaTokyo,
And for his game characters, Pirogoeth and Piroko

R is for Rent-A-Zilla, who trashes the town

S is for Seraphim; give her any shit and she'll beat your ass down

T is for Tsubasa; finding his lost love is his mission.

Y is for Yuki, who Piro is supposed to give art lessons.

Much thanks to Fred Gallagher, who draws such a wonderful strip,
Without his great artwork, we wouldn't be on this fun trip! 

(Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do a line for each letter in the alphabet the way that Mr. Gorey does, since I've yet to see a Japanese name that starts with the letters X or Z... :D )

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