She looked down at her chest and sighed, dejected. For a second she was free of the protocols and restrictions that she was usually subjected to. What should she do? What did one do in a situation such as this? It was too late for her to buy a new shirt; it was too late for a lot of things.

Why did her body change? She didn't want it to. The fact that she had no control humiliated and scared her. For no reason her chest had expanded, it was illogical; she had no idea what to do.

Unlike with her hair color, she did, at the very least, remember that she once had smaller breasts. If she was to take her end users word for it, then that had changed without her even knowing.

She captured her hair with her hands and glared at it. Her body was doing things without her approval. What else had been changed? Was she always this tall? Did she always have gray eyes? What else randomly reset itself without her knowing? She checked over her person angrily. Hoping to somehow remember something that she knew she wouldn't be able to.

What if her entire personality had been reset? Was she still the same person? Was she still herself?

Or was she really just a program, making her feelings false? Was this feeling of sadness, of hopelessness, not real because she herself, was not? If she was reset to feel like this, does that make it invalid? Was this all a lie?

She angrily brushed away some rebellious tears. These were proof were they not? She had cried and she had felt emotion. Kimiko had said once in passing that feelings are feelings. Even if she wasn't real and even if she was just programmed to feel like this: feelings were feelings no matter where they come from.

She would have to get over this; she would have to talk to Piro. She did not know if the love she felt or him was real or manufactured, but the feeling existed nevertheless, and she hated him for it

She had realized suddenly that she had no say over her life. She would continue to change, and that was because of him. She would become his dream girl. She would be perfect in his eyes. She would have to conform.

She laughed at herself for her foolish hope that she would be her own person. That could never happen. She was a slave, a tool, and a game that Piro owned. She had as much control over what happened to her and her body as his computer or gaming system did. He would "upgrade" her, just as he did to them, although, it might be unintentional in this case. And what if one day he decided he didn't like her anyway? Would she have to leave? And would it be him that forces her out, or her programming forcing her? Though it would not be forcefully, she would probably be happy to go and have no memory of why she would want to stay…

A small shock went through her body and she jerked mechanically.

Suddenly she remembered how cute Piro was when he was sleeping, and how good he was the other day. He really was the sweetest, nicest person ever. She felt horrible for the hatred she had felt for him. Surely she did not truthfully think that. He was the ultimate man; kind, gentle, and so sweet. She would have to try her hardest to win his heart and make his life perfect.

Her battle was over, and she was content again. She had had a malfunction of some magnitude. She could have never have had those bad thoughts. She had an amazing life and loved it to death, just as she loved Piro.

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