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Fickle Fanboys
Originally "Matilda Mother", apologies to Pink Floyd

There was a man who wrote the strip
Our Gallagher let nothing slip
With gamer jokes and manga re'frence
Megatokyo with gags dispensed
O~oh, Piro, draw some more!

Why'd you have to drop the jokes
And leave us with some kind of hoax -
You only have to grant our wish
And we won't send you e-mails all pissed

Across the board with many posts
Fans began to whine and roast
'Bout ev'ry single comic drawn up
Flaming artists once again

Coloring and writing
The filks were so exciting!
Yes, indeed

For all the time spent on that board
The verses, fanfics, landmarks scored
And colored fanart got me high
On threads of fanboys, 'til they died
O~oh, Piro, draw some more!
Draw some more...
A~ah, ah~

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