Fellas, please, enough of this flaming - think of fluffy bunnies instead. And you guys from Central - yeah, I know you think us SD posters are obsessive at best, and retarded at worst but...


...I love ya, man!

So here's a filk for you guys, 'cuz this is how we in SD show the love:

He Ain't Stupid (He's From Central)
sung to "He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother)"

The forum burns
With many a flaming troll,
Fred's comic is not his care,
Not his care,
But my heart
Is large enough to care for him,
He ain't stupid, he's from Central.

So on he goes,
Ping's love-life is his concern,
No topic is too low-class,
He won't pass;
But he's not,
Not as dumb as he might seem,
He ain't stupid, he's from Central.

(Now feel the love...)
If I'm saddened at all,
I am saddened right sorely
That few forum threads
Have been filled with the Glory
of Spam, 'cept there in Central.

It's a place too far
From which very few return,
If you post a thread in there
Don't be scared,
(...and bring it on home!)
Look for Char,
And her* all-girl avatars!
They ain't stupid! They're from Central!

(apologies to any number of folks, starting with the Hollies)

* ;)

Damn...there're tears in my eyes right now, I promise. *sniff* :wub:

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