The Sound of Silence

Core of Coding

Come here Tohya, tell me now -
Something's changing, tell me how.
I see a problem of enlarging
Touched my frame while I was charging
And the defect that is hidden in my core
Digs and bores
Within my core of coding.

Through online space I spoke with her
To find out how these bugs interred
Half my coding like parasites.
I looked for answers through online bytes
When my ears flared red from the sight of a Sony spy,
I asked him "Why
Did they break my core of coding?"

Then in the attic door he grinned,
"Was that not your maker's only sin?
Piro owns you without playing,
Others say you are not living,
You saw only you noticed that some 'zilla fell -
Fake teardrops swelled
Inside your core of coding."

"No!" yelled I, "you did not see!
Piro wants to play with me!
Fix my frame that I might touch him!
Change my codes that I might love him!"
But her words on a dead conscience fell,
He fired through her shell of coding.

Now the people serenade
For their plastic dolls and maids,
And their ears flash out its warning
When the user is not scoring.
Still some dolls say, "The words of the 'Beta' are written on the online boards,
And attic floors,
And hidden in our core of coding."

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