"I'm Too Genki" a la "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred

Piro: I'm too angsty for my art, too angsty for my art
Art's falling apart.

Largo: And I'm too genki for my shirt [MW -- Sorry, couldn't resist this]
So genki it hurts
And I'm too genki for my box, too genki for my box
No static, it r0x

Junpei: I'm a ninja, I'll never wear green,
but I'll pwn you like an ant into the sidewalk
Into the sidewalk, into the sidewalk, yeah
I'll pound you to a smear on the sidewalk

Miho: I'm too genki for my cave
Too genki to rave
And I'm too genki for a game
Too genki for a game, is not that insane?

Ping: I'm an android, I make people scream
When I throw a turtle at them from the sidewalk
from the sidewalk, far from the sidewalk, yeah
I'll throw a turtle at you from the sidewalk

Kimiko: I'm too genki for my -- too genki for my -- too genki for my

But I'm an idol, the stress is so high
So I push away my friends although I'll never know why
Never know why, no I'll never know why
I push my friends away and they'll never know why

Yuki: I'm too loli for my man, too loli for my man
American, ameri-can-man
And I'm too angsty for my art,
Too angsty for my art, I'm falling apart

Ed: And I'm too bishi for this song
[Ping hits him with a turtle] [Large Red WRONG appears]

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