[Title="MegaTokyo (Largo)"]
[Artist="Dr. Bombay"]



One night while I was drunk
My friend took me on a plane
I woke up en route to Tokyo
Where things are not the same

Now Tokyo's a crazy city -
Ninjas, zilas, and zombies -
So I'll fight the undead horde
In any way I please

The Great Teacher Largo
That's what I now will be
For these kids have the l33t skills
That would be of use to me

I'll teach them to game,
To h4ck, to mod, to be l33t
And I will learn
To what the horde is most w34k

MegaTokyo, I now am teaching in
MegaTokyo, I fight undead hordes in
MegaTokyo, zombies, zombies, zombies in
MegaTokyo, I am Great Teacher Largo Man!

I love to fight t3h 3v1l
My "To Do" list, it tops
And it seems they like my methods
They've just made me a cop

So I teach at school by day
And fight t3h 3v1l by night
But now I see their chatter
And something isn't right

MegaTokyo, I have a cyb3rnode in
MegaTokyo, I fight t3h 3v1l in
MegaTokyo, fanboys, fanboys, fanboys in
MegaTokyo, I am a TPCD Man!

A cataclysmic failure
Static discharge; it's true
And with my credit all maxed out
There's nothing I can do

I'll rally up my class, but
My help has been refused
And now I've lost my job
But at least I have some booze

MegaTokyo, I've lost my job in
MegaTokyo, but the war's not over in
MegaTokyo, cookie, RAM, or beer in
MegaTokyo, I am a Pantless Ninja Man!

A weakness digital, was
The reason she was found
But I'll build her a computer
And say things most profound

Yet it seems she thinks I'm shallow
So I'll drink myself shitfaced
And I'll follow Piro down
Into that ungodly place

MegaTokyo, A Cave of Evil in
MegaTokyo, the undead taunts me in
MegaTokyo, how dare she do this in
MegaTokyo, I am a most vomitous man!

Today I walk the streets of
The crazy undead town
And yet I am determined;
Skateboards won't keep me down

So take me to an arcade
I'll rack up damage, then
I'll hit you with the m4x b33tz -
Why'd you call him "chicken?"

MegaTokyo, I am still a gammer in
MegaTokyo, my l33t sk1llz are restored in
MegaTokyo, crashing though the door in
MegaTokyo, I am a Mr. Muffin Man!

Then I reved up the engine
The foul horde I rode down
But I couldn't get the second
Floor, she gave quite a frown

And it seems I'm no more single
To dinner we soon shall go
But for now we talk and drink
Until t3h w33pies flow

MegaTokyo, I once battled a girl from
MegaTokyo, an ending without honor from
MegaTokyo, stabby, stabby, stabby from
MegaTokyo, I am a L33t Warrior Man!

And now as dawn is breaking
I hear that cell phone ring
Today I shall work in the store
And what's inflated Ping?

No threats are detected
But t3h 3v1l still arrived
Yet if I set it all aflame
One of us may survive

MegaTokyo, t3h 3v1l still is strong in
MegaTokyo, the bot's dimensions wrong in
MegaTokyo, fire, fire, fire in
MegaTokyo, l33tness, l33tness, l33tness in

MegaTokyo, I was a teacher in
MegaTokyo, I was a TPCD in
MegaTokyo, I was single, poor, and broken in
MegaTokyo, Still I am T3h L33t Largo Man!
I am still t3h l33t Largo Man!

You can find a decent, but not perfect version of the original here.

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