Down in Baltimore (Otakon '06)

Well, now. I didn't even know that it was time for a con
Work has me so thrown off -- if I'd known, I would have gone.
Wait. I don't have half the money I'd be needing to go
Can't pay for airfare, and I can't drive, hail, sun, rain, or snow
Working full time, but the taxman's taking more than I know
Every paycheck only gives me three fourths of the dough
And I know two-thirds of that goes to the net and rent
If I want more to eat than Ramen, then it's already spent.
I work full time for this, and I'm back in school in three weeks
Maybe I'll save during the year, (or pay my loans), man, this reeks
But I'm a geek, and work is easy, so it's not a hard life
I'm just broke like Windows Vista, but I'm doing all right.

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