Tohya Miho

Sung to the tune of "Mr. Crowley" by Ozzy Osbourne:

Tohya Miho,
They speak your name with dread
Tohya Miho,
Largo thinks you're undead
You managed to crash half of Endgames
Did you enjoy that at all?
You fool all your classmates with mind games
Can you be trusted at all?

Princess of Darkness,
Did you think you were pure?
Bringer of Madness,
The loneliness you endure
Working down at the Cave of Evil,
Hosting midnight raves
Do you have any feelings at all?
Is it life-force or love that you crave?

(Randy Rhoades guitar solo courtesy of Largo…)

Tohya Miho,
Will you make Piro cry?
Oh, Tohya Miho,
There's just no reason why
Approaching time to go back to your classes,
I hear Ping-chan call
Your finishing move is so drastic,
You left Junpei with his back to the wall

Are you human or witch?
Sometimes you act like a bitch
Sometimes you act,
Sometimes you act like a bitch, yeah!

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