(in response to fanart from Josh)

It was the best of kisses, it was the worst of times;
it was the longest fall, from our pride in our crimes;
it lasted forever and was over too soon,
like snakes on a plane at the height of noon.*

We drew our guns and he shot the bomb
(he used to be Sega's, but now he's
my Dom,
this kiss and this kiss and this bang bang** of mine)
"Come on up," he said looking down, "The weather is fine."

Crawled up him I did, and locked up his lips,
-- need I tell you how glad I am I finally grew hips? --
fired at random, so we'd do a flip,
land on our feet, and be ready to rip.

That was the plan, so you know it was mine,
and that was the way we would've been fine
except for the 'Zilla I'd tagged with that round
who'd shortly show up at our date with the ground.

*: No, I have no idea why this is a valid simile, but it rolls of the tongue real nice, don't it?
**: I've never seen it (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), but I'm going to claim it's wildly inappropriate as a date movie, but it's what the two of them watch, anyway.

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