Always perfect, always flawless,
Everything belongs in place.
Fearless leader, strongest, bravest,
Setter of the class room pace.

This is where I feel the pressure.

If they rise up, lash them firmly,
With the stinging of your tongue.
Never suffer any student
To act up when bell has rung.

This is how I place the pressure.

Sensei leans on me as leader
Mistress of this wild pack.
He expects me to keep order,
Reign them in and hold them back.

This is why I apply pressure.

Always do what Sensei orders,
Honor demands nothing less.
Force them into perfect angels.
How I hate it, I confess.

Can I, must I take the pressure?

Parents see the master scholar,
Bringing honor to their name.
Perfect marks in every study,
Doing less will bring them shame.

So I study under pressure.

Perfect daughter, the perfection,
All that others strive to be.
Student leader of my section.
Is that all I'll ever be?

So I crack under the pressure.

Secret meetings, stealthy plessure,
Something sordid, out of place.
Dirty secret, rebel practice,
But it's mine, my choice, my grace.

This is how I take the pressure.

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