Soft as flesh, yet silicon,
Hair of grey, or maybe pink.
Designed for boys to fawn upon,
Yet underneath, what do you think?

Do robots dream of electric sheep?
Do robot hearts beat full of life?
Do you switch off, or do you sleep?
Do you feel pain when in the strife?

Are you real, or are you fake?
Do you know love, or joy, or care?
Do you turn on, or come awake?
Are you as false as purple hair?

I look into your silvered eyes,
Is that a soul, a life, a spark?
Or are you me in other guise,
Alone, long dead, and in the dark?

If you can live, with plastic limbs,
Can one long lost come back from death?
Is this why you've joined in my whims?
Why I guard you with every breath?

Are you alive, or just a dream?
I have to know, can you be real?
If you are more than what you seem,
Perhaps there's hope for me to feel.

If metal parts can hold a soul,
Then all my pain I may release.
To make you live's become my goal,
So wounded heart can regain peace.

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