America (America)
(Edited by slez)


Actress and artist, I fin'ly proposed to Kimiko
I threw out the shoujo guides from my bag
So we bought a sappy anime and Anna Miller's pies
And ne'er looked back to my America

"Kimi," I said as we flew to a screening in Edo
"Michigan seems like a dream to me now"
I wasted four months moping 'round Tokyo
Worked hard to go to America

Working in a store
Spending nights in the attic
She thought the doll in the little t-shirt was a girl
I thought her acting would pull her farther away from me

"Let's watch an episode, I think we'll finish that series"
"We watched that volume an hour ago"
So I sketched at the studios, she posed for magazines
And a knight rode over an online field

"Largo, I'm back," I typed, while my lover was working
"I'm happy then lonely and I don't know why"
Camping the stores for the id Software release
A friend's gone back home to America
Gone back home to America
Gone back home to America

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