Asako, Mami, Always (Overs)


Why don't you come back to your friends?
You know - Asako, Mami, always
No lessons, no sensei
There's no class at all
Just your middle school
Crying under blooming trees
For your artist

We don't want to drift apart
We'll never lose you
To some gaijin's notebook
You stole with book, bag, and it all
But there's no laughs here
Since you made that call
And we know that call
Took a very short time

Is calling from Anna Miller's
Hanging out at lunchtime
Catching a movie
And I wonder
How long can we remain?
We're just your posse
Looking out for you

Sure, that American's lookin' kind o' cute
But each time I try on
The thought of losing you
I cry

- Asako, Mami, always

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