Hamster's Dilemma (Punky's Dilemma)

Wish I was an E3 mascot
Roamin' 'round the floor with Shigeru
Goin' by in a blur, pettin' my fur
Talkin' to a gamer proclaiming his fave consoles
Eagerly throwing out "t3h lolz"

Wish I had a pair of real wings
Then we'd fly and go out to Kyoto
Why don't we go see Ryoan-ji?
I prefer post-it notes
More than forum-posted notes
I'm a "Rodentia for Forum Posted Notes" bloke

Ah, to Megatokyo

If I become a conscience agent
Would you put my photo by your salt-wheel?
"To Miss Fifi -
Best wishes, your Boo"
Neat client's l33t science
Always has him hackin' nude
Why won't he ever do what I'm squeakin' at him to?
(O RLY???)

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