MegaQuartet VII: Year's End

I wonder where the Filkmas parties left for -
The bards were silent Christmas evening,
Quieter than the children softly sleeping,
Waiting for Father Christmas to enter the door.

Without the Filkmas thread, I must declare,
Sad Girls surely felt slightly sadder,
Sony agents slightly madder,
Ribbons blacker in dark and dusty lairs.

Singers still waffle with radio, relations, and leashes.
Schoolgirls still give their unwelcome opinions,
Students still yearn for an artist's attention-
Could Santa or Fred not grant their holiday wishes!

No reason to touch on other lingering 'ph34rs' -
Forums and flamebait, ph34rbots and sewers,
Seiyuu and fanboys, older and newer.
Just hope we do better the next Mega-year!

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