Types: Filk, Piro, Humor
Plaid-Skirted Girls
after "Fat-Bottomed Girls"
Vocals: Piro

Oh, they may not speak that English right
Oh, but that ketsu sure is tight
Oh, scanning sketchbooks full of art
Plaid-skirted girls, they make a fanboy's world go 'round

I was just a gaming nerd,
not much different from the herd,
but I had taste before I left my motherland.
Took my laptop on the web,
4chan hit me on the head,
Screaming "Source plz!!" till I broke my poor broadband.

When I first picked up a pen,
though I can't remember when,
First thing that I drew was great big sparkly eyes
Though they really make a picture
They're so hard they're bound to get you
Still far more P. C. than drawing women's thighs.


Plaid-skirted girls, they make a fanboy's world go 'round

[er, pardon me...]

I flew over to Japan,
with my drunken fellow man
And my credit card's maxed out, return's a miss.
So I have to stay in Mecca
With those pleats both plaid and checkered
Yes they're jailbait, but I wouldn't mind a kiss...

Plaid-skirted girls...[2x]

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