Types: Filk, Ping, Humor
I'm the Robot for You
(after "Let Me Entertain You")
Vocals: Ping v2, EDS Salesman

Hey, I've been programmed

Hey! If you give me all of your attention
then you'll never be alone
If you want, I can act as your girlfriend
If you want, I'll be a phone
I can serve you, I can nurse you
Cook you anything you like
Chase you, never disgrace you
Even sing into a mic!
BUY ME! I'm the robot for you! I'm the robot for you!
I'm the robot for you! I'm the robot for you!

The object for sale is fulfillment
Stuff that CLAMP never fully explored
She can heal you, she can kill you
Or Cecil DeMille you
And best off, she'll never get bored!

She can play games like a system
She can change shape overnight
If there are scenes that you missed, then
Give another try, all right?

With adjustable dimensions
Completely customized
from her voice down to her hair, you'll see.
If you need some love or a decent friend
Just go down to the store
Pick one out, plug her in,
You're gonna beg for more

She's the robot for you! She's the robot for you!
She's the robot for you! She's the robot for you!

She can be anyone's artwork
She can play anyone's part
WIth models like her around
Normal women look like clowns
Soon they will all be out of date. Ooooh.

If you've got any obsessions,
She'll fulfill your every dream
But please use some discretion
Just like real girls, they get mean.
In the space between her ears
there's more power than Google's got
If the government should ever hear,
You know she's going to wind up shot
She's the robot for She's the robot for
She's the robot for you!

Further notes: CLAMP is the studio that made CHOBITS, a manga on which Ping is possibly maybe slightly based. "She's the Robot" isn't exactly Ping-based, but I'm waiting for Sony to make such an announcement...

Keep the comments coming! Glad to see I didn't scare off all the newbs. And siasicat, I have all of the words to RENT memorized, so somebody would know it. Though it could be rather tricky to do the entire thing coherently and give it a plot...

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