Keeping Shop Ain't Easy
after "Leaving Home Ain't Easy"
Vocals: Yanagisawa Yamagishi

Getting off the train,
walking into town
Not a cloud in sight,
it's a lovely day.
I'll be stuck inside,
From the sun I'll hide,
but a break is nice
For a cigarette,
Yes, a cigarette
brings some peace of mind

Now the fans are gone,
Now the world is saved,
but my profit's down
and the rent is due.
I just want to close up,
want to run away
but the store calls me back (store calls me back)
I await the day, 'cause

Keeping shop ain't easy
Even when the customers are mobbing
Keeping time alone
Except the normal flow of crazies
Keeping shop ain't easy
when the shop's not all you know

"Buy my stuff, my stuff please buy."
Why your stuff? I need no stuff
Just not your stuff.
Keeping shop ain't easy
I want to leave the city, 'cause
keeping shop ain't all there is to life, maybe one day
Keeping shop ain't easy
if the fanboys come today.

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