after "Jealousy"
Vocal: Nanasawa Kimiko (This is not a Debut Single. Talk to Fred about that.)

The stares they gave to me
"Fans are people too."
Must have blown their minds away.
On that radio show,
I had crossed a line and so it seems
It's heresy, what have I done?
Heresy, this will not be fun.
I launched a crusade when
I thought it was right.
Heresy, not what I want.
I didn't mean to, didn't want
These fanboys flocking to my haunts

Why why why is it heresy?
I only care too much, it seems that that's a crime
And the men who pay me called it heresy.

The thoughts they gave to me
like I was still nothing
but a piece of meat
in pretty skirts and lace.
They didn't understand,
and it is out of hand;
what's heresy? Playing a role?
Playing along when it's out of control!
Heresy? This isn't, no!
They'll only work me like a dog,
Until I fall down like a log.

Why, why, why 's it heresy?
I only care too much, it seems that that's a crime
and the men who paid me called it heresy.
I won't capitulate,
no Hirano am I,
And I'll stand by what they say is heresy.

I wasn't smart enough to keep my thought inside
now I'm wanted for my thoughts of heresy.

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