Types: Filk, Miho, Angst
Gamer's Hall
after "Dreamer's Ball"
Vocals: Tohya Miho

I used to be the finest,
used to be a purple Queen
Hacked the finest armor,
But all the joy has left the server
And I don't have the best machine.

Gaming used to be my passion
Gaming was the truth and light
But after a fashion, honest gaming fell from sight.
I'm gonna trade my online cash in,
and coin-op 'till I feel all right

You'll find me, find me, find me
in the gamer's hall
In a skein of lace,
with a made-up face,
I'll just be playing, you'll be praying
that you never face me,
Find me, find me, let the lights unwind me
until closing or I'm out of coins.

You'll find me, find me, find me
when I'm good and done.
No more destroying hex,
I'll play by the text,
I'll be honest. If I promise
will you disbelieve me?
Find me, find me,
when colored lights unwind me like confession
in the gamer's hall

Oh, find me, taunt me,
the ghosts will always haunt me
like Ms Pac Man
in the gamer's hall
I'll see you in the gamer's hall.

Woo woo...

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