Come to Me
R. Stancliff

Come to me in times of sadness.
Let me share your sorrows load.
Gladly will I bear your burden
That you not be overcome.

Come to me in times of gladness.
Sharing joy can make it grow.
Joy will aid us on our journey
To the land of love's abode.

Come to me to ease your mind,
To leave it calm, serene, and clear.
Peace can be found in my arms,
Safe from the world, secure from fear.
"I'm sorry," she says.
"Me too," he replies.
Yet no words are spoken,
by mouth, but by eyes.

Enfolded in hug,
Unrequested, yet held,
Harsh words are undone,
Unwritten, unspelled.

Live for this moment,
Be free from the past.
Let the bread of your love,
on these waters be cast.

Tomorrow will bring,
New battles, new pain.
But these moments will help
You standup under strain.

In these arms there are peace,
and from sorrow, release.

(Okay, not my best effort by a long shot,.)
The Embrace
By slez

Froggy, Groggy I need to sleep,
But so many thing I have to say.
The words won't come I see her weep.
With outstretched arms she comes my way.

Is this a dream, could it be real?
I feel her arms around me wind.
My body tenses my senses reel -
I can not relax with a tangled mind.

She feels my pain and holds me tight -
Her body says: Let go, let go.
In silence I struggle, strive and fight,
To trust in her and feel her glow.

I am paralyzed, I can not move -
She cries on me and squeezes tight.
Her body yearns, it needs to prove,
That everything will be alright.

I feel her need to have my trust -
It warms my soul, it burns so bright.
It breaks my bonds they now are dust,
And now I hold her with all my might.
Nervous and shaking,
He claps his hands around her
If for a second mistaking

The inherent nature of the embrace,
A depart, not by her part,
A mistake.

Confusion Abounds
Does she like him so?
His arms should circle and surround

The clumsy effort he makes
One of self-deprecation,
And admittedly, self-hate.

Something deeper perhaps?
With posture and demeanor,
Showing more than circumstance.
The questing heart is ever beating blind,
Its blood a medley interlaced with pain,
Red yearning surges out like brandywine,
Grey longing drizzles in like chilly rain.

Such tides of sorrow seem to swell too strong
For any merely mortal frame to bear:
The dread that what is said is taken wrong;
The fear the one we reach for doesn't care.

And when the pitch of two hearts match at last,
The resonance may shatter both their lives
To fall upon the ground like shards of glass,
But where the fragments mingle, love survives.

Among the ruins questing hearts console,
And broken lives may make each other whole.

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