The Embrace
By slez

Froggy, Groggy I need to sleep,
But so many thing I have to say.
The words won't come I see her weep.
With outstretched arms she comes my way.

Is this a dream, could it be real?
I feel her arms around me wind.
My body tenses my senses reel -
I can not relax with a tangled mind.

She feels my pain and holds me tight -
Her body says: Let go, let go.
In silence I struggle, strive and fight,
To trust in her and feel her glow.

I am paralyzed, I can not move -
She cries on me and squeezes tight.
Her body yearns, it needs to prove,
That everything will be alright.

I feel her need to have my trust -
It warms my soul, it burns so bright.
It breaks my bonds they now are dust,
And now I hold her with all my might.

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