{from Wasted Time - The Eagles}

Kimiko:Well Piro, here I stand
With my cying face held in my hands
Oh my god, I can't belive, you did this to me
You're gone now, I'm all alone, Why did this happen to me

And now I'm lost again
And I'm trying to remember
What have I done wrong? I don't know what I did
I don't care much for some strangers touch, but I can't hold you now

I never thought I'd be alone
This far down the line
Piro whats been on your mind?
Piro: I'm afraid that we've been wasting time

This time appart has got me thinking
About the first time that you smiled
You seemed to care more back then
But now you just don't care at all

So you went from day to day
And you dreampt about your future
Our time went by so quickly and you didn't come to stay
Then you'd say a little something to make it all ok

And I could have walked so many times baby
If I'd listened to my mind
But my heart held true to you
Now I'm wondering if I wasted time

And your love has come and gone
And our time is ending now
Kimiko:But remember what you told me before I neglected you so
You could say I was then your very first fan.

I'm sorry for what I have done Piro
And I hope you'll forgive me too
Then you'll see how much I care
And I'm sorrt hat we've wasted time

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