Matter of Control
TTTO: All About Soul

She waits for days in line. She waits to buy a system.
She pays without a second thought; She's glad it finally came.
She takes the white box home and she hooks it up with pleasure.
She turns it on, the quiet hum; she'll never be the same.

She's got some control
She'll leave life behind in exchange for her freedom
She's found her control
And now that she's got it she smiles like a demon.
She knows how to win
No longer a round peg in a square hole.
She plays by her rules, never to lose,
She's found her control...

She has to eat sometimes, but she always comes back running.
'Cause reality is far too harsh and dreams are always kind.
Plugged inside a land of lights where the world is just bits of data.
Second chances are more common when you live inside your mind

She's got her control
She's mastered the fine art of manipulation
And with that control
Whoever would try to deny her her station?
She can't lose it now
she's worked far too hard, but she's losing her hold
Reality sucks, but down in the muck,
she keeps her control....

And the people who obey aren't aware that they're obeying
They are pawns to her, just data. On-screen people aren't alive.
She wants to be like this until she's completely lifeless
It's all she's good at any more, the last way to survive

She wants her control
She wants to get out, but she's dug too far under
She wants her control
She needs something more, not vacuous hunger
She can't leave her room
The sights that she sees cause pain in her soul
So tuck it away, if that's what she pays,
to keep her control

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