"If I died today, who would cry at my funeral?"

Piro and Largo wandered into the courtyard, led by a rather frantic Ping. There weren't too many people. Most of the people who had heard about the tragedy had found important work-related things to do rather than show up. Those that were there weren't sad, not happy, but definitely not in mourning. They were pretty much indifferent to the whole thing.

Ping walked into the living room and kneeled down. In front of her was a table with two candles, and incense burner, and a picture of Miho Tohya. Behind the table was a box. Ping knew what was inside the box in front of her. Her friend was in there. Ping would never see her again.

"I told you not to get sick again!" she said, beginning to cry. "By the time I found you and got you to the hospital, they said they couldn't do anything! Why did you leave me?"

She broke down and began crying, wailing in distress. She cried for a long time.

When Ping had been moved from the casket, Largo walked up and kneeled down. He was also in shock, but for a different reason.

"I've never lost against anyone before. You... you beat me. I need to defeat you! How could you do this? I told you I would not accept an ending without honor, yet you force me to do so. How can you be so cruel?"

It took Largo a second to realize the tear falling down his cheek.

"No! I will not show weakness! I cannot..." he trailed off, muttering to himself. After a couple of minutes he stood up and walked back into the courtyard.

It was Piro's turn to pay his respects to the departed spirit.

"I wish I could say I feel sad, but... I didn't know you. I met you a couple of times when you came for Ping, but I never really knew anything about you. I mean, I never even found out how you knew my name."

The he did something that rarely happened except when he was drunk.

"So many people," he murmured. "So many that I wish I knew. So many I don't know I have until they're gone."

He wiped his eyes and walked away, determined to make a change.

Miho watched silently. There was nothing she could do anymore.

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