{from An Angel Without Wings - Vertical Horizon}

Piro: We started out so brand new darling
But now it seems that you've got no time for me
I have seen your city lights
But have you seen what you have become

You've seen the world go spinning by

And perhaps it's Just your Job
Or our differences
That makes us insincere
And tore us appart

Kimiko:But when will you learn
This is all I ever dreamed of

Piro: An angel without wings can hardly
And hearts without love, they will not survive

But I can still see
I am lucky just to be with you
Can't you see you are pushing me away
Your lonely tears can only hope to freeze
Yeah, they'll freeze and fall on down

And so our time just slips away
And I'll be close behind
But there's something you should know now
You know I love you still

Kimiko:But where are you now
I just want to stay with you tonight

Piro: An angel without wings can hardly fly
And my heart without you, it will not survive

No it won't survive

No it won't survive

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