Sure been a lot of changes here since I've last poked around. A forum for fanworks is an idea that's been kicked around for quite a while. I peeked into the Cheshire Ocelot's filkage here ('cuz I don't like to miss anything he writes) and saw that my name's been stuck in there with all the others.

Well, if I'm going to get drawn back into posting again, I guess I might as well write a dedication of my own. It sorta rambles into fantasy after a while (about verse 6), but I do eventually tie up the loose ends. Sorta.

So here's to you, you weird cat creature - rock on! ^_^

A Cat Called Bird
(after A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash)

Found a comic on the web that I liked real fine,
And before I knew it I was spendin' time
Lurkin' in the forums that the main page had referred;
So I jumped on in, started filkin' hot,
With a nick that reads "Wavebird_Ocelot",
And before I knew it, ever'body just called me "Bird."

Well, I don't know why they all went with that,
Thinkin' I'm some avian instead of a cat,
But that's the name on which ever'body seemed to pounce;
Was it only 'cuz it's the first to occur
In my nick, though my avie has ears and fur?
Or maybe it was just the only part they could all pronounce. >meow<

At first I just let the whole business slide
But as time went on I couldn't let it ride,
So I'll tell you what straw it was that broke that camel's ol' back;
It was posts from a guy who draws pictures with me
And a Cager who calls himself four-thirty-three,
That prompted me to change my siggy to announce the fact.

Now, it was Christmas month in double-ought six,
With forum fans drawing Christmas pics,
Long 'nuff now that ever'body shoulda got the word.
In a fanart thread where I filked a song,
In a couple o' re-plies, writin' wrong,
These heartless members posted and called me "Bird".

There was a feral plushie posin' as a bear,
And a manic fan with a sketchpad there,
And that one even made some kinda offhand reply;
They were blithe enough to make me sad,
And I read their posts and I got real mad,
And I said: "You called me 'Bird!' That's what I heard! Now yer gonna fry!"

I lampooned 'em hard in some filk I wrote,
And for a minute there I thought they'd choke,
But one came back with a drawing of me as Big Bird;
I rhymed 'bout a teddy-bear from this 'hood,
Usin' fan art fer what he do in the woods,
And the forums flamed hot with this War of Art and Word.

I tell ya, there ain't tougher blokes
Than forum artists doin' duelling jokes,
They draw like Punch and quip like Oscar Wilde;
And the forums choked with art and verse,
And I saw mods come and I heard mods curse,
Then they shook their heads at us, and we saw 'em smile.

And they said: "Kids, this forum is stuffed
With a lot fanworks and enough is enough,
And it's time that all you folks were movin' along.
'Cuz there's hardly room for members to wing
Their theories of Miho and programmin' Ping,
And that's the stuff in SD that really belongs."

They said: "You guys have had a helluva run,
And we gotta admit it's been lots of fun,
And we wouldn't want to stop it even if we could.
So we'll give you this spot one level below
The MDTs and analysis flow,
And hope this arrangement will do us all a little good."

So we packed our bags and we head down
To the Fanworks Forum where can be found
CGs and rescripts and fanart and filkage by the ton.
And now that we're here I just want to say
For the time we're here, and the time we stay...
Anyone calls me "Bird" again damn well better run!

(apologies to Johhny Cash)

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