Chapter Two
Rescue operation

The sun was just rising over the Tokyo skyline and outside Tsubasa's apartment, Asmodeus and Boo sat planning their next move.

Worry was beginning to set in when Seraphim hadn't contacted them in nearly 18 hours – something was definitely amiss. Asmodeus was stunned that he was able to manipulate Tsubasa into rescuing Piro and Largo without Seraphim's aid, but, even so, the whole matter just seemed too easy.

"Well, Fuzzy," Asmodeus sighed, "we have to do something."
"I don't care, but…" the bat-winged conscience started to blush, "we can't just leave her alone. What if something happens to her?"
"I know. She'll kill us if we leave those two alone, but…I just have a bad feeling about Sony. Those guys can be pretty evil. What if she got caught?"
"Squeak! Squeek, squeak squeek!"
"Calm down, I know she knows how to take care of herself."
"Yeah, that's true. She would do the same for…well, for you." Asmodeus laughed, but quickly regained his grave composure. "We have to do something, but both of us have to go. If Sera got in trouble, neither of us stands a chance on our own."
"When did that happen? Oh, yeah, stupid alternate timeline. This is confusing sometimes. Anyway if we're going to do something, we have to move out. Sony headquarters is near the center of the city."
"Squeek, squeak."
"No, Tsubasa can keep them safe for now. We'd have to check in with CEA headquarters anyway, so let's do it with Seraphim."
"Fine, you stay here. I'm gonna help Sera."

He took off, leaving Boo alone. Boo sighed and walked back inside the apartment. Opening his briefcase, the hamster took out his most vital piece of equipment when working alone.

A couple hours later, Piro groaned awake. He spotted his cell phone and saw the time was 9:43am.

Looking around, he realized he was the last to wake up, with someone awake in the other room. Wondering why Largo would choose today to wake up before 10am, Piro dragged himself sleepily to the table where Largo and Ping were kneeling eating a pancake breakfast that the EDS had presumably prepared. Tsubasa was nowhere in sight.

Ping looked up at Piro and smiled. <Good morning, Piro-kun!>

"Ugh," Piro groaned as he stretched out. <Good morning…uh…>
<It's Ping, Piro-kun.>
<Yeah, that's right. Ping-san, where is Tsubasa? And why do you keep calling me Piro-kun?>
<Does it bother you, Piro-kun?>
<It's kind of embarrassing, but, no, not really. I was just wondering why, since I really don't know you all that well.>
<I can stop if you would like.>
<No, it's okay. But where is Tsubasa?>
<Sensei has some business he has to attend to this morning. I'm not sure when he will return.>
<I suppose he would…can you explain just what is going on, then? Two days ago I would have told you that what happened yesterday was impossible, what with Godzilla and the assassin and the ninjas and the…>

Largo looked up from his beer and pancakes. "Dud3, I can't even understand what you're sayin', but I can tell you're just blabbering."
Piro blushed and then turned back to the robot. <Sorry.>
The robot smiled, <It's alright, Piro-kun. But I don't really know all the details about last night. But I will explain as best I can. Just ask me a question.>

Piro looked around while trying to think of what to ask first. He had so many questions. As if by magic, though, the perfect first question appeared on the ground in front of him.

<Uh, Ping-san,> Piro said, trying to read from the Post-it on the floor. <How did you rescue us last night?>

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