Chapter Three
Questions interrupted

Ping looked a bit surprised at Piro's manufactured boldness, but bowed her head and started to explain what she knew from the previous night.

<Well, after the police arrested you and Largo-san…there's a better way of doing this. Please follow me, Piro-kun.>

The robot walked in the other room and up to the television. She drew a USB cable out of her earblade and plugged it into the PlayStation 2. Turning on the smaller machine, Ping started controlling the cursor on the screen herself. She navigated the PS2 and the EDS menus with ease, eventually choosing a "Memory Cache" option in her own hard drive.

A video started up on the TV. The EDS sat down watching her memories appear on the screen. Piro sat down next to Ping to watch the previous night's events unfold yet again from a new perspective.



Ping was humming as she swept up some glass on the apartment floor. Junpei was standing near the broken window, deep in thought. The ninja turned around shaking his head and addressed the sweeping robot. <Ping-san, Junpei must go.>

Ping stopped sweeping for a second and bowed courteously to Junpei. <Thank you for your help tonight, Junpei-sama.>


The screen began to blur. Ping blushed as she said as way of explanation, <Fast-forwarding.>

The video resumed shortly, with Ping now facing the apartment's door, still sweeping merrily.


The door slammed open, with a clearly perturbed Tsubasa saying something that was bleeped in the video about the TPCD as he walked inside.

<What's wrong, sensei?> she said, grabbing Tsubasa's arm.
<Contact TPCD scheduling, Ping,> Tsubasa ordered as he brushed off the EDS' comfort.

Ping stood perfectly still, processing the command and the abrupt voice with which it was delivered. A window popped up in the upper-left corner showing Tsubasa's current blood pressure, heart rate and psychograph alongside his normal readings. In addition, it ran a sound diagram showing Tsubasa's normal voice and the much angrier one with which he now spoke. Processing this data rather quickly, Ping brought up a phone book, searching for the correct number.

Finding it, Ping shut down all other windows and now walked over to the apartment's phone. Dialing the number, she handed off the phone to Tsubasa, who grabbed it angrily without as much as a thank you.

Tsubasa spent a few minutes yelling at some poor worker at the police station, most of it bleeped out, until he calmed down. He held the phone away from his head for a minute and sighed. Bringing it back up, he now spoke very calmly and eloquently. Ping couldn't hear the other side of the phone conversation, but Tsubasa spoke more than enough for a decent grasp of the situation.

<TPCD Director Sonoda, I presume? This is Tsubasa, with the Assassin Guild. Your officers have interfered with my operations by arresting two of my friends from America. What do you plan to do about this?>

Ping took her eyes off of her end-user for a minute and saw a hamster - Boo -waddle into the room. She squealed with glee and rushed over and examined the tiny conscience. She saw something in the corner of her eye fly in. She turned around and as the bat-winged man – Piro recognized it as Asmodeus – land on Tsubasa's shoulder.

Tsubasa was silent for a minute as the creature whispered in his ear. <Okay then, I would like to get them out of there then, if you would be so kind. Yeah, standard Rent-A-Zilla fare. Thank you. Sony? No, not a problem. I'll take care of them myself. Good night.>


The screen began to blur again. It stopped on Tsubasa and Junpei walking ahead of Ping. The movie started to play again, but the TV all of a sudden shut off. Ping quickly disconnected the USB cable, which retracted into the earblade. Ping turned around, looking around frantically.

<Someone just cut the power…we have to get out of here. We must finish this later, Piro-kun.>


Author's Note: The video scenes, as you might expect, are from Ping-chan's perspective. As in, her vision only.

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