Chapter Five
Peaceful morning


Yuki reached up through her blanket and clumsily searched for the button to make the aggravating buzzing stop. Fumbling around, she hit the clock off the bedside stand, but it made the buzzing stop and that was all that mattered at the moment.

A few minutes later, Yuki was shaken from her renewed slumber by her bedspread being forcibly ripped from her.

<Come on, Yuki. It's time to get up,> she heard her mother say.

The young woman turned back onto her back and slowly opened her eyes. Sonoda Meimi's form slowly materialized in front of her eyes.

<Come on, Mom,> she groaned, her eyes already closed again, <Just a few minutes more.>

<No, Yuki,> Meimi laughed, <You're going to be late for school. Your father just went to work and now it's time for you to get up.>

<Okay, okay,> Yuki yawned as she sat up. She glanced at the clock, now on the
floor reading 7:02am. <Just another boring day,> she thought as she stood up.

After taking her shower and putting on her uniform, she came downstairs, still feeling half-asleep. Her mother greeted her with breakfast and a gentle smile.

<Good morning, darling,> she said as she walked over with a plate. <Hurry up; your friends are already here to take you to school,> she said, motioning over to the vestibule, where Mami and Asako were standing, ready to go. The two girls waved to Yuki.

Yuki waved back and grabbed a piece of toast off the plate her mother was offering her. Grabbing her school bag in her other hand, she ran over to the entryway and put on her shoes, holding her breakfast in her mouth.

<See you later, Mom!> she shouted as she ran out the door with her friends.
The light snowfall graced the city street as the three girls walked towards the train station. Mami walked ahead a bit and turned around so she was looking at Yuki as she walked backwards.

<So, Yuki, did you say yes?>
<Don't act like you don't know we know that Kogure Yoshiki in Class 3 asked you out yesterday afternoon.>
<You didn't blow him off, did you?>
<Um…well, I don't know if that's the right word.>
Mami stopped and grabbed her friend's arm. <Look, I know you're concerned about your brother, but he wouldn't want you to stop having a life for his sake.>
<But…> Yuki protested.
<We know you've had a crush on Kogure-san for some time now. He finally gets up the courage to ask you out and you shut him down?>

Yuki had had enough. She stepped to the side and started walking away from Mami and Asako. Asako started to sprint to catch up, but Mami held her back.

Not seeing this, Yuki started to gripe internally. <Where does she get off telling me how to live my life?> she thought as she arrived at the train station.

<Good morning, Sonoda-san.>

Yuki looked up at her greeter. She was in a darkened uniform to compliment her purple hair, as usual. <Good morning, Tohya-san.>

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