Chapter Six
Rumors and truth

Miho smiled and walked over to Yuki.

<So, Sonoda-san,> she said, <where are the other two girls that you're usually with?>
<Asako and Mami? I needed some space today. Yesterday was kind of hectic and they weren't making it any better.>
<Sorry to hear it,> the high school student said emotionlessly as she looked away and started to walk towards the platform. Yuki followed her.

<So, did you hear anything?> she asked.
<About that Idol? Yes,> Miho said. She continued to avoid eye contact, which intrigued Yuki.
<Well, what of it?> Yuki said, grabbing and turning Miho to face her.
<I'd rather not say right here, seeing as how you seem to be quite emotional at the moment,> Miho mocked, continuing to be vague.

<Is it that obvious?>
<Yes,> Miho replied, delivering her soul-penetrating stare. <Boy trouble?>

Yuki's face blushed a deep red, but she nonetheless stated, <That makes no difference right now.>
<I see,> Miho said coyly as she continued to walk towards the now-arriving train. Yuki started to give chase, but was interrupted by Asako's cries of <Yuki-chan!>

Yuki looked behind her and saw Asako running into the train station with Mami walking behind her, shaking her head.

Seeing this, Yuki sighed and turned back around to nearly run into Miho, who had doubled back and was now just inches from Yuki's face. She backed up slightly and looked around the train station.

<Hard to believe,> she started, <that there was a shootout here last night. Something is happening to this city.>
<Uweh?> Yuki exclaimed, waiting for more.
<Ah, but it seems your friends are here,> Miho continued. <Goodbye, Sonoda-san.>

With that, she turned away and started to walk away, but quickly stopped. Without turning around, she said, <Lunch. The main courtyard.>

Yuki was stopped from pursuing by Asako, who latched onto her back in a hug.

Yuki struggled free and turned around, but Tohya was already gone.

<That's strange,> Yuki thought, <The train hasn't left yet.>

Mami joined Asako and asked Yuki, <Now, have you calmed down yet, Yuki-chan?>

Yuki shook her head, but still said, <I'm fine. Let's go.>


Yuki didn't speak on the train, much to the confusion of Asako and to the annoyance of Mami. She was deep in thought over what Miho might have to say to her at lunch. As she got off near the school, she was still in a daze.

<What could she have found out about Hayasaka? Why is she being so coy about it? And what does a shootout in the train station have to do with anything?>

<Yuki-chan,> Asako said

<Could Hayasaka have been shot? Why wouldn't that be on the news?>

<Yuki-chan!> Asako repeated

<Why wouldn't she just tell me in the station?>

Asako shouted this time. <YUKI-CHAN!>

Yuki broke out of her trance. <Huh? What?>
<What are you so deep in thought over, Yuki-chan?> Mami asked.
<Oh, nothing,> Yuki sighed.
<It was something to do with that Goth girl, wasn't it?>
<Toyah-san? No, no, don't trouble yourself over it.>
<Yeah!> Asako exclaimed. <She's been hanging out with that high school student for a while now.>

<Why don't you be honest and tell us what's going on, Yuki?> Mami said as she placed her hand on Yuki's shoulder. <We're friends, you can tell us anything.>

<It's okay, really. I'll tell you later, but now, we're going to be late as it is,> Yuki said as she sprinted off towards Daitou Gakuen Attached Middle School. The bell started to ring 10:00 as she got close, but being late was the last thing on her mind at the moment.

<Well,> she thought, <this day just got a bit more interesting.>

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