Chapter Nine | Hidden motivations

The two fighter jets streaked past the escape craft and swung back around to tail their target. The EVAC vehicle's radio crackled on.

<This is Sony Enforcement. Stand down.>

The pilot glanced to his co-pilot. "Do you have any idea what they said?"

Sera spoke up from the rear of the vehicle. "They want you to land," she said.

"Like hell. They have to out maneuver me first."

With that, the EVAC craft all of a sudden slowed to a crawl, but the jets followed suit. A second message crackled through the radio.

<This is your second warning. Land immediately or we will take action against you.>

"Sera?" the pilot asked.
"They're warning you again," Seraphim translated. "Next they're going to take action against us."
"Of course," the pilot laughed. "So, they want to party. I wonder if their aim is good enough to hit such a small target."
"Why don't we just land and take care of them on the ground?" Asmodeus offered.

"That could work," the pilot said as he brought his craft down onto a nearby skyscraper. The two jets started to circle above, like vultures over their prey.

The co-pilot whispered something in the captain's ear. The captain nodded, and hit a couple buttons on his dashboard. "Good thing they're taking their time with the capture," he said. "Locked."

The first jet moved in to land in front of the EVAC craft.

"Aren't these guys supposed to be good?" the pilot asked as he fired off a solitary missile. The jet that had landed exploded. The second one broke off pursuit nearly immediately, getting out of range.

"Well. That was easy," one of the operatives said as the pilot launched again, making his escape into the clouds.

"Yeah. Too easy," Seraphim muttered. "This is all too easy. Something is up and I don't like it. I really don't like it."

"Calm down, babe," Asmodeus said. "You're safe now and that's all that matters at the moment."


Usaka watched the CEA operatives make their escape from his window. Turning his chair back around to face his guest, he wore a stern look on his face. <It looks like we failed. But, thanks to our safeguard, this may work out after all.>

<Of course it will, Ian,> the woman said.

Usaka stood and bowed. <I must take my leave. We have a new guest arriving momentarily.>

<Shall I see to the project's completion?>

<Do as you will,> Usaka said as he exited his office.


Thirty stories down, Megumi and Kimiko were walking towards the Sony building. The jet's explosion garnered a lot of attention, with those walking to their destinations all stopping and pointing out the spectacle.

<Oh my,> Kimiko said, placing her hand to her mouth. <I hope the pilot ejected in time.>

<Yeah,> Megumi said quietly, knowing full and well that Sony Enforcement jets were all controlled remotely. <Let's head inside where it's safe.>

Entering the massive Sony Building, the two women walked up to the receptionist's desk. A young woman glanced up and smiled.

<Good morning,> she said. <Can I help you?>
<Yes,> Megumi said, placing her arm on Kimiko's shoulder. <This is Nanasawa Kimiko. We have an appointment this morning.>
<Oh, yes. Usaka Ian, our recruitment head, will be with you shortly.>

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