Chapter Eleven | Finalization

Piro and Largo were stretched out prone on the floor as the police officers charged into the room.

Pointing their rifles at Ping, one officer told the robot, <Put your hands up and get on the ground.>

Ping turned around and complied, slowly putting her arms over her head and kneeling down on the floor. Her blank face remained emotionless. Looking down on the floor, another officer spotted the two boys and motioned to the third officer that they were there.

A second later, Piro and Largo found themselves with rifles up against the back of their skulls. Piro whimpered in fear; Largo stayed silent.

The officer pointing his gun at Ping noticed the earblades glowing a faint blue in the darkness and stepped over Piro and Largo to investigate. <You wouldn't happen,> he said slowly, <to be one of those EDS things, would you?>

<Affirmative,> Ping said dully.

<Hmm...> The officer turned to his men. <One of you two needs to radio the guys downstairs. Sony should be interested in this.>

<Yes sir,> one guy said as he took his rifle away from Largo's head. He took out his radio with one hand while putting a pistol in the rifle's place.

<Now,> the leader said, returning his focus to Ping, <what happened here?>

<I do not know,> Ping said. The officer noticed the LED reading change.


shifted to


<The power went out. I went to investigate with the two Americans and came upon this room,> she continued. <I went inside to investigate and found this.>

She pointed behind her, to a horribly massacred body on the futon, his head nearby Piro's and the rest of his body scattered in many parts across the couch.

The officer said blankly, <Who…who is that?>

<Ninja First Class Junpei,> Ping said flatly. <I don't know who did this to him or how, since his guests were seemingly killed in the same manner. The wounds seem to be inflicted by a sword.>

<I can tell. And these two men?> he said, pointing to Piro and Largo.

<Guests of my end-user, Tsubasa-sensei,> Ping said. Her voice became more aggressive. <Do not do anything to them.>

<That isn't my call, ma'am.>

<Sir,> one of the other officers said as he got off his radio, <Sony Enforcement wants to take the EDS into captivity. They already have an agent on stand-by.>

<Alright, and what do we do with the other two here?>

<HQ says to terminate them.>

<Make it so,> he said. Turning to Ping, he continued. <I'm sorry…>

He noticed that Ping's earblade had changed again.


All of a sudden, Ping vanished in front of the officer's eyes.

He noticed his rifle was not in his hands anymore. He moved for his pistol and realized that both of his guns were now gone. Ping reappeared at the other end of the room, three rifles and three pistols all in her arms. They clattered to the floor as Ping made a stance.

<What in the hell?> the officer exclaimed.

<Piro-kun and Largo-san are Tsubasa-sensei's friends. I care for Tsubasa-sensei. I care for Piro-kun. I cannot let those I care for be hurt. I cannot let you hurt Piro-kun or Largo-san.>

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