Chapter Sixteen | Arrival

Tohya Eiji hung up his phone after finishing his conversation with Lieutenant Takama. He turned away from his desk and opened the nearby blinds a bit more so he could stare out the window at the city. The midday sun's beams streamed through the window, reflecting off a small silver orb next to a computer monitor on his desk. The bright light prompted Eiji to close the blinds completely, but the orb continued to glow a bright white, highlighting the man's aged features and expensive suit, making him look much older than the 46 years he actually was. Soon enough, it too faded in the now-dark room.

Turning back to his desk, Eiji pushed a button on the metal sphere, causing it to emit a soft blue light through the markings on the device, which provided adequate for his needs. He picked the phone back up and hit one of his speed-dialer's numbers. The phone rang for just a second before it was answered.

<Good morning, sir,> a young man's voice answered.
<Good morning Kawaiza-san,> Eiji replied, <I won't be able to make it to the meeting at 1pm. Apologize to Hayasaka-sama and schedule a meeting for later this afternoon say 4:30.>
<Yes sir; how shall I handle the TPCD situation?>
<Ugh, they're already up to their necks in some major crap. We're on the back-burner for the moment. In fact, that's part of why I'm unable to go to the meeting at one.>
<I'm not sure I understand, but thanks for the update, Tohya-san.>
<Alright then; have a good day Kawaiza-san.>
<You too, sir.>

Eiji put down the phone and stood up, hitting the same button on the orb to shut off the light. The man then picked the sphere off its stand and held it in his hand for a second as he stretched out his aging muscles. It was still comfortably warm, though much heavier than it looked.

Sighing, he put the device back on its stand and started walking across the large office floor towards the coat rack. He grabbed his leather coat and put it on. He then produced a cell phone and made a call.

<Meet me out front,> he said softly.
<Yes sir,> came the response.

Putting the cell phone into his coat pocket, he opened the door to his office and walked out towards the elevator. No less than twenty people approached him to ask for one thing or another, but Eiji brushed aside the requests he only had one thing in mind at this point as he took the elevator down to the lobby.

Exiting the elevator, Eiji saw the black limousine sitting out front through the main entrance, just as he had requested. He dashed past the stunned secretary, who barely had time to say <Good morning, Chairman Tohya!> before he was to the door.

Exiting through the door, Eiji spotted the driver waiting. The driver spotted him and bowed.

<Where to today sir?> he asked, opening the back door of the limousine.
<Take me to Shiritsu Daitou High School, please,> Eiji said, getting in.
<Yes sir,> the driver answered, closing the door.

As the limo drove through the city, Eiji's thoughts drifted to his daughter all he could hope was that his daughter was alright.


20,000 feet up, a plane started to come in for a landing over Tokyo. Dom looked out the window, glad that he would soon be back on the ground he had been feeling a bit airsick. Being without his guns made him feel uncomfortable enough without being sick to his stomach, but he would get them back soon enough. The seatbelt light came on, giving Dom a sense of ease it wouldn't be too much longer.

"Ed will be surprised," he thought. "It's been a while since we've been able to have breakfast together."

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