Chapter Seventeen | Bombarded and bewildered

Miho laid back down on the bed in the nurse's office, far too many thoughts running through her head to keep track of. She rubbed her temples with her fingers, trying to sort out what she had seen that morning. She was having trouble separating reality and fantasy; her dreams and what had truly transpired.

What she was pretty sure of was that her dad was coming to see her and that the police suspected her of something. She didn't even know if that was completely true in itself. What she hoped was a dream was the bloodshed that kept replaying in her mind.

QUOTE (Miho's thoughts)<Oh, God…I'm late. Why did I have to be late today?>
The young girl ran through the hallway, her schoolbag swinging wildly at her side as her purple locks of hair flowed behind her. She turned the corner, barely noticing that the lights were out in this section of the building or the streak of blood messily drawn on the floor.
Finally, she reached her destination. Opening the door, she bowed her head and apologized.
<Sorry for being late…I…>
The girl looked up, not believing what her eyes were telling her brain. She didn't believe that the teacher was slumped up against the blackboard, his head on his desk like so many apples. She didn't believe that her classmates were all sitting at their desks, their bodies slaughtered and destroyed beyond recognition.
<This…this can't be right,> the girl told herself. <It…it can't…>
Her thoughts fell into darkness as she collapsed into a pool of drying blood that was not her own…

Miho shook her head violently, desperately trying to forget what she had seen. As if to aid her quest, the door to the room opened, with Nurse Sugawara walking in behind Sonoda Yuki, holding the girl back to the best of her ability.

<Sonoda-san, please. She's been through a horrible ordeal…why don't you let her rest?>

Miho sat up, looking over at Yuki trying to plead her case with the nurse. <She's alright,> she said. <It's just fine…>

<I suppose if you want a visitor, I won't stop you from having one,> Sugawara conceded, letting go of Yuki's arm.

Yuki practically ran to Miho's bedside, asking softly, <Are you alright, Tohya-san?>
Miho shook her head. <I have no idea, honestly, Sonoda-san. Why are you even here?>

<I was worried about you, with everything they're saying happened to your class.>
<So,> Miho mused, <that wasn't a dream…>
<Yeah…you were lucky, Tohya-san.>
<Can you even call that luck?>

<Well…> Yuki started, but she was interrupted by the door opening yet again, this time with Inspector Takama in the doorway. Shinichi walked in, revealing that he was with Miho's father. Nurse Sugawara ran in behind them, clearly aggravated.

<This girl was through a horrible ordeal and I have three people who should all know better barging in on her?!>
Eiji extended his arm in a handshake. <I'm Tohya Eiji, Miho's father.>
Sugawara blushed. <Sorry sir, I had no idea.>

Yuki looked over at the two men talking to the nurse.

<Well,> she said, looking back at Miho and smiling. <It seems that you'll have to tell me what you heard about Hayasaka later. I hope you feel better soon.> And she got up, picked up her schoolbag and walked past Eiji, Shinichi and Nurse Sugawara, bowing as she closed the door behind her.

<What? Wasn't that a dream?> Miho thought, putting her hand to her head yet again as her father approached her. She turned away as Eiji put his hand on her shoulder.

<Are you alright?> he asked her sincerely, a look of concern spread across his face.

Miho removed the hand, continuing to look away from her dad. <Like you really care,> she said softly. <Let's just get this over with so you can get back to work.>
<Look here,> Eiji said, <I know you don't want my help, but I beg you to accept it for once. You know I care about you…you know I love you.>

<Yeah,> Miho said, turning back around. A look of hatred engulfed her eyes as she finished her thought, <just like you loved Mom.>

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