Chapter Twenty-Two | The questioning [part one]

Takama Shinichi sighed as he picked up his briefcase. He wasn't looking forward to questioning Tohya Miho, but it had to be done. He walked out of the teacher's lounge that was functioning as a temporary base for TPCD personnel and walked back down the hall towards the conference room where his subject was waiting. Reaching his destination and taking a deep breath, Shinichi opened the door and walked in.

The room was empty aside from Miho. Shinichi thought for a moment that something was amiss; that someone was missing, but his troubled mind quickly blocked out any idea that anything was wrong. He walked over to the table where Miho was sitting and put down his briefcase. Opening that up, he removed some papers that held the notes his officers had gleaned from the crime scenes today and from the other situation from two years ago.

<So, Shinichi-san, are you ready?> Miho asked him serenely, as though she didn't care one way or the other.

<Yes,> Shinichi answered as he flipped through his stack of papers. Finding the relevant report, 魔法の女の子の活動- 2004 の一年生植物概要 (Magical Girl Activities – 2004 Annual Summary), he brought it to the front of the stack. <So,> he said, scanning the report, <what do you want to tell me about what you saw this morning?>

Miho frowned. <Contrary to what you might think, want to think, or what a report that covers my past activities may tell you, Shinichi-san, I was as shocked as you were this morning.>

<I'm not accusing you of anything.>

<Sure you are. You don't like thinking it, and I don't blame your suspicion, but I'm above…that.> A grimace snuck onto Miho's face as she continued. <I don't remember too well the exact details, but I've been having these dreams – very cryptic dreams that, looking back on my record, may mean something.>

<I see. And those dreams…?>

<Well, the first I've been having for a good six months now. It was the first dream I've had in several years…since just before the 2004 incident with Hayasaka Erika. In fact, it felt like the Hayasaka incident dream. But the more interesting one is much more explicit. I first had it two days ago. Today, it came true with the murders.>

<Just like two years ago…>

<Exactly. I didn't want to believe it either, but Sonoda's child confirmed what I had suspected for a few days now. It's back.>

<God…Tokyo isn't ready for that again.>


<Understood,> Kiada said quietly into his cell phone. <I'll commence the operation immediately. What should I do with the TPCD? … I understand…Yes.>

Kiada closed the cell phone and took out his QDP pistol, not bothering to conceal it as he walked into the school. He traversed the hallways until he reached the darkened halls near his destination. He smiled and loaded the QDP as he turned the corner.

<Hey! You aren't supp–>

The police officer collapsed; the shot from the high-powered plasma blast to his skull obscure as always. But he was dead, there was no mistaking that. Kiada got to the crime scene and fired another shot at the unsuspecting officer gleaning data from the murders. As expected, the second officer collapsed into the girl's body he had been examining. The image was amusing, eliciting a chuckle from the sergeant, but he quickly moved on with his mission.

Why he was told to move up the timetable was beyond him, but Kiada didn't care – the day had been boring, now it wasn't. That was all that mattered, murder be damned. The TPCD would never know that it was Sony doing anything...they wouldn't have any evidence to know anything.

Shooting out the surveillance camera in the classroom before stepping over the TPCD barrier, Kiada scanned the room over for his objective. Spotting the glint of tempered steel in an evidence bag, Kiada moved over and tore open the bag, letting the item fall into his hand. Smiling, the sergeant took out the second part of his objective.

<This will be fun,> he thought as he walked out of the room, his task complete.

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