Chapter Twenty-Three | The questioning [part two]

Kiada smiled as he slid his pistol back into its holster. Walking out of the restricted area where the murders of twenty-two – now twenty-four – people had taken place; Kiada felt a rush of adrenaline. It had been too long since Sony had last authorized him to play. But with the activities of last night at the train station and the killings of the two TPCD officers this afternoon, it was all coming back to him. He couldn't let himself think too deeply about it, though – this was just a game, after all. Nothing good ever came out of letting a game bother you.

So deeply engrossed in his thoughts was the sergeant that he barely noticed someone walk past him as he started to head towards the exit. A few seconds had passed before Kiada turned around, feeling that something was wrong. He quickly shrugged off this notion though, when he saw that the threat he had felt was nothing more than some schoolgirl. Nonetheless, he felt his hand drift towards the holster he had deposited his weapon in earlier. An urge to kill started to build up again, but this time it was shared with an equal urge to leave. <Not like it matters; the level's already been completed.> he convinced himself as he left the gun alone and continued down the hallway.

Exiting the school building, Kiada pulled out his cell phone and contacted his Mission Operator.

<Enforcement Mission Command: Sergeant Kiada, have you completed your mission?>
<Yes sir,> Kiada said. He smiled as he walked down the pathway towards his car. <I have the device.>
<Excellent; and…>
<Yes, that has been taken care of as well. There will be no evidence.>
<And you are certain of this?>
<Absolutely,> Kiada said as he climbed into his sports car. <I placed a precautionary measure at the end of the level.>
<Good. You may proceed to Level Twelve, then, Sergeant.>
<Thank you sir,> Kiada said excitedly as he closed the phone and pulled away from the school. As he pulled to a stoplight, he examined his prize. The small steel device was elegantly designed, worthy of being the goal of Level Eleven. It had served its purpose. <Level Twelve,> he thought, his mind now firmly on the task at hand. </-\|^|3$0/\/\3>


The infirmary door blasted open and a large, burly Scottish man looking quite out of place in a suit barged in, yelling, <Chairman Tohya!> and otherwise startling Eiji from his rest. Miho's father sat up and rolled his eyes.

<What's wrong, Charlie-san?>

Charlie stood up straight and looked around as though expecting more than Eiji to be in the room. A much smaller man – Eiji's lawyer – snuck in the room behind his larger companion after peaking around and making sure the coast was clear.

<And why are you here, Kumasi-san? Why aren't you with Miho?>

Kumasi bent over, breathing heavily. <Miho-san said you were in trouble and needed me and Charlie. Funny, she sent us to the wrong side of the building. From there, we headed over to the office and they said you were in the medical wing. We feared the worse and rushed over here.>

Eiji got up off the table and dusted off his suit. He chuckled a little, realizing immediately what was going on.

<Ah, up to her tricks again, is she?> he said, prompting confused looks from his two would-be rescuers. <I'm in no trouble. My daughter just decided that she would wing this one alone, despite my explicit order that she do no such thing.>

Eiji moved towards the door. Charlie and Kumasi backed away, letting their boss past as he turned down the hallway towards the conference room where Miho was. Charlie and Kumasi nodded their heads at each other, knowing better than to question Eiji, and followed his lead. They had nearly gotten there when the three were startled by the school's fire alarm going off.

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